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Searching is easy.

The First Name field can contain First and Middle Name, or Middle Initial.  Do not include suffixes in the Last Name field ‘only surnames to start your search’.  If you are using a mobile device, we recommend you rotate to Landscape view and you’ll see more of each page.   

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  • HOME takes you to the main page, which does not provide a search interface. We have featured 4 family members (ancestors),
  • SEARCH will take you to the main search page
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Pre-Set Advanced Searches Media Filters Additional Pre-Set Searches
Click on   to select pre-set advanced searches, such as: Click on   to select media filters, such as:  Click on  to select additional pre-defined  searches for more interesting results: 

To follow your ancestors try these two steps:

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Use the drop down fields to refine your search.

These values help determine how your value will match.

  • Contains – the complete value must be in the field as typed.
  • Equals* – value must be exactly the same, etc., starts or ends with you are matching your value to the field value,
  • Exists  – this field cannot be blank
  • Does not exist – This field needs to be blank
  • Soundex of – is a phonetic algorithm for indexing names by sound, as pronounced in English. From Wikipedia.

*These options are used when the object is a numeric as in date fields

Review these other options to narrow the results information to understand what you can do to refine your search criteria.