Marshall Family

1929-Lester-Lyle-Glena-and-Keith (1)
1929 Lester, Lyle, Glen, and Keith
1930-1931-School-Picture-Lester-Lyle-and-Marie (1)
1930-1931 School Picture - Lester, Lyle in front in bib overalls and Marie in with the girls
1935-School-Pcture-3rd4th-and-5th-grades (1)
1935 School Picture 3rd, 4th, and 5th Grades - Lester and Lyle 2nd and 3rd in front row. Theone could be the girl behind and between them.

1942-Marshall-gathering (1)
Marshall gathering1942 - Back row: ?Reva?, Keith, Lester, Lyle, ?Norma? in Marie is in the center in front of Les. Judy is in the front row

1950-Alaska-or-Bust-Lyle-Keith-and-2-Gilbert-Cousins (1)
1950 Alaska or Bust Lyle, Keith and 2 Gilbert Cousins
1952-48th-Wedding-Anniversary-Mary-and-Herb-Marshall (1)
Herb and Mary's 48th Wedding Anniversary 1952
1974-Vera-Geniveve-Doris (1)
Reunion 1974 Marjorie, Vera, Geniveve, and Doris
1976-Maher-and-Marshall-Reunion- (1)
Maher or Marshall Reunion 1976 - Hugh Zens kneeling in front.

1976-Maher-and-Marshall-Reunion-1976 (1)
Maher and Marshall Reunion 1976 version 2
Marshall Reunion Denver 1986
2001-Marshall-Reunion- (1)
Marshall Reunion 2001
Dianne Scudder and Luann Brandt (Lenore), Marilyn Eggleston (Jessie's), Sandy Kissner (Lyle's), Gary Marshall (Glen's), Don Houck (Jessie's), Jack Marshall (Lyle's), Lana Whetsel (Les'), Genevieve Zens (Norma's), Seated Maxine Marshall (Glen's Wife and creator of the Marshall Genealogy data, Terry Marshall (Glen's)
From left to right (all standing) Dianne Scudder (Lenore's), Gary (Glen's), Lana Whetsel (Les'), Margie Hudson (Les'), Genevieve Zens (Norma's), Judy Peters (Marie's), Sandy Kissner (Lyle's), Cleo Franklin (Marie's), Marlis Costello (Lyle's), Don Houck (Jessie's), Jack Marshall (Lyle's), Marilyn Eggleston (Jessie's), Cody Marshall (Lyle's great grandson - Ken's grandson), Luane Brandt (Lenore's)
Down in front: Brandy Wilson (Les' grand daughter - Dan's daughter), Barb Quiram (Vera's grand daughter - Myrna's daughter), Jason Kissner (Lyle's grandson - Sandy's)
2019 Reunion Fair Quits with Judy and Sandy Kissner. The quilt was raffled off and it was won by Dianne Scudder and given to Sandy Kissner in appreciation of her efforts to host 2018 and 2019 reunions in her and Roger's home.
30th-Wedding-Anniv-Theone-and-Lyle (1)
Theone and Lyle 30th Wedding Anniversary
5-Generations-Ellen-Woolsey-1998 (1)
5 Generations Ellen Wolsey 1998 - Fran, Kay, Kay’s daughter and grand

Abrianna-and-Cody-Marshall (1)
Abrianna and Cody Marshall
Bonilla-SD-School-being-torn-down (1)
Bonilla SD School being torn down