This site is a compilation of the following families: Herbert Robert Marshall and Mary Mellissa Payne showing their ancestors and decedents.
The Marshall records were researched and organized by Maxine Taylor Marshall (Glen Rufus). The Payne family was organized by many Payne family members and collated by Maxine.
This online database was created using the records provided by these various family members which were scanned and inputted by Dianne Schamp (Lenore) Scudder with the assistance of her husband Rich.
The Marshall Photos were  organized by Sandy (Lyle) Kissner. The Payne Photos were organized by Maxine and scanned by Dianne and Rich Scudder, we are still working on getting more uploaded.
Additional records and details were researched using these online resources (Family Search and
It is our pleasure to provide this site and hope you enjoy researching your family members and viewing the photo galleries.
Dianne and Rich Scudder
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Note:  Other families included in this database are the Schamp (Osborn, Mack, Walcher, and Ware). Other families can be added as their information becomes available.